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In this area you can download (or consult) all the documents we produced during the project activity. You could browse all the files, organized by WP, on this URL.


General Info

Enescom informative brochure (En | It)

Enescom poster (En | It)

SEC NEWS #1 - Autumn 2010 (En | It)

SEC NEWS #2 - Summer 2011 (En | It)

SEC NEWS #3 - Winter/Spring 2012 (En | It)

SEC NEWS #4 - Autumn 2012 (En | It)

Final Pubblication Document (En Cz Es Fr Gr Hr Hu It Pl Pt Si Sk)

Final Publishable Report (En)

Lesson Learnt (En)



ENESCOM Communication Strategy (En)

Report on information and sensitization campaigns (En)

Minutes and list of participants to the final transnational conference (En_minutes En_SignList1 En_SignList2 En_Presentation1 En_Presentation2 En_Presentation3 En_Presentation4)



Final monitoring and evaluation report (En)

Regular update of the project information (En1 - En2)


About energy and emmissions

Energy analysis reports in 20 regions (En)

Strategic and methodological document on reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions (En1 En2)

Report on forecast of short-medium term future results in energy savings and share of renewable energy sources (En Cz Es Gr Hr Hu It Pl Pt Ro Si Sk)


About the Covenant of Mayors

Minutes of Covenant of Mayors’ meetings with Pioneers (En)

List of new signatories of the Covenant of Mayors and proof of approval from the European Commission (En)

List of Sustainable Energy Action Plans created and envisaged interventions (En En)


Front offices and trainings

Report on training activities for operators (En)

Planning of training and dissemination activities to be performed by the local front offices (En)

List of ‘front offices’ running – official mandates and business plans (En)

Reports on consulting and training/dissemination activities performed by the front offices (En Cz Es Pl)

Manual on replicability/transferability of new pioneering actions (En Cz Es Fr Gr Hr Hu It Pl Pt Ro Si Sk)


Final Conference

Final Pubblication Document (En Cz Es Fr Gr Hr Hu It Pl Pt Si Sk)

Final Monitoring Report (En)

Guests presentations

BuySmart Presentation (It)

Energy Efficency Municipality of Cantello (It)

Solar Heating District Presentation 1 (It)

Solar Heating District Presentation 2 (It)


Seminars in Italy

Brochure Risparmia Energia In Casa Tua (It)

Corso riqualificazione edilizia: Impianti 1 (It)

Corso riqualificazione edilizia: Impianti 2 (It)

Corso riqualificazione edilizia: Impianti 3 (It)

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